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Have you ever found yourself looking at a blank wall, totally uninspired by what you see? Imagine what that wall could look like, with a little imagination and some paint….

We believe that walls want to do more than just hold up your ceiling, they want to be:

*Memorable or informative wall art for business

*Educational wall murals for schools and nurseries

*A stop in your tracks ‘Instagramable’ photo opportunity

*Maintenance free colour and form in a garden

*An aid to memory and a way to comfort those who need it

*Taking the onlooker to a completely different place or time

*Delivering easy to digest information via hand painted signs

*Or simply making you smile.

Murals are unique, they organically connect with the space they occupy making them the only truly three dimensional form of painting. They help their owners to be individual and memorable, avoiding mediocrity and ‘the norm’.



At Charlotte Designs we think the process of commissioning your mural should be easy and bring you as much joy as the mural itself. 

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My name is Sarah and I am an award-winning, professional mural artist. Since 2005, I have hand painted over 500 murals, trompe l’oeil, signs and other specialist paint finishes, for commercial and domestic clients throughout the UK. I have a list of prestigious clients as long as your arm, but you don’t care about that, you only care whether I can take the idea in your head and make it a reality. This website is here purely to show you that I can, and that the reality is way beyond your dreams.

On a mission to rid the world of boring walls, I can transform any surface into a beautiful painting, so take your time and have a browse around the site. This is where you can learn all there is to know about murals and how they can enhance your world.

We are not just mural artists, we are purveyors of happiness.


Engage – Inform – Inspire!

What do your walls want to say?

We cover the UK from our bases in Northamptonshire and Tyne and Wear

Fully insured and DBS (CRB) cleared

IPAF qualified

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Let us know if you have any questions or want to talk through your ideas. We don’t charge for chatting, so don’t be shy!

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