Printed wallpaper mural of a path through green trees

The Way Ahead – Rich

printed wallpaper mural of path and green trees in muted colours

The Way Ahead – Muted

I created this painting during the first lockdown, in April 2020. We had a spell of warm, sunny weather and whilst there was uncertainty, the sunshine provided some optimism. I was walking my dog and as I emerged from the woods, the sunshine lit up my path ahead and at that moment I felt positive.

It is a mural to get lost in, allow your thoughts to wander and it works as well on a narrow wall, as it does on a larger one.

This mural is available in two colourways, ‘Rich’ emulates the colours as they were on that morning, lush and green. ‘Muted’ gives a more restful version.

Product Specifications

Maximum mural size 4500mm wide x 4500mm high

PVC free, recyclable, pre-pasted

£50 per sq.m. plus delivery