faux finish & trompe l’oeil

Paint is a highly versatile medium and I love that I can produce such a wide range of finishes with it. Whilst we all love the real thing, solid marble, granite, wood, brick or stonework may not always be practical, or affordable! I can create the look that you want, in the colour you require quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. 
Faux finishes
Faux finish is the generic term for a paint finish that is designed to look like something else. Originating in Victorian times, most surfaces can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, including wood, metal, concrete, stone, marble and granite. We can match existing colours and textures or design one of your own. 
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Sometimes the real thing just isn’t practical. Cost, location, availability and timescales can all be restrictive when it comes to wanting to install beautiful natural materials. 

At Charlotte Designs we are experienced in cheating beautiful finishes that not only look really natural, but co-ordinate with your furnishings. 

Trompe l’oeil
Trompe ‘loeil, literally meaning ‘to deceive the eye’, is the art of painting a flat surface to make it appear that something is there. This technique dates back from the Renaissance and has been utilised extensively in some of the greatest buildings in the world. It is used mainly where interest is needed but that the real thing is either not desirable or practical.
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Perhaps you have always wanted a sea view or a climbing plant but you live inland or kill plants at a moments notice. Trompe l’oiel enables you to have exactly what you want, where you want it.

Trompe ‘oeil is also a great way of containing a mural. Sometimes, filling a whole wall is not practical, so containing your mural within an aperture such as a window, door or archway, can give a ‘frame to your mural.

You don’t have to paint a scene, trompe l’oeil can also be employed to paint details such as panelling, frames or fun details. If you have never seen the violin on the door in the music room at Chatsworth, definitely worth a look! If you would like to explore how trompe l’oeil could enhance your life, give me a call.

Specialist finishes
Long gone are the days when your choice was matt, satin or gloss, these days there is a myriad of different finishes you can employ on your walls to create a luxurious finish. Metallic, suede, distressed plaster, Venetian polished plaster, pearlised, damask or leather. All of our finishes are designed especially for you, available in any colour.
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Having a specialist finish created especially for you is a very special process. We produce colourboards to ensure that the finish is right for you and your interior. If you see a finish that you like, simply take a photograph and send it to us and we can recreate it for you
If you need further inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards, this one should be of particular interest. Enjoy!

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