Children’s bedroom murals

Kids murals can be tricky to get right, especially if you are not sure what you are doing. The wrong colours or ‘scary fairies’ can mean sleepless nights rather than peaceful ones and that does somewhat, defeat the object of the exercise!

Done well, a hand painted wall mural is a long lasting, unique celebration of your child and who they are. We believe that creating a personal space for your child is one of the most precious gifts you can give them; and we have been painting children’s murals now, for over 16 years.

Why murals are a perfect solution for children

Decorating for children of any age can be a challenge, but get it right and you have a solution to many problems. A calming, personal space helps them to feel safe and secure in their own room, great if you have just moved, or if you have just had some major changes in your family. Mural can play an important role in helping to solve sleep problems, whether they are toddlers new to their own room or teenagers going through problems; by creating the right feel for a child who is struggling to settle, we can turn bedtime into the peaceful time it should be. 

All our wall murals are hand painted in emulsion paint directly onto the wall. This means relatively little preparation for you and most importantly, a hard wearing finish that will take the hardest of knocks.  

Finally, kids murals last. Perhaps in contrast to what many people think, children who have murals painted almost never want them painted over. I know of people in their 20’s who still want to keep their murals, long after they have left home!

Kids murals can be funny, informative, bold or subtle, they can bring families together and make the child look up from a screen and marvel. Most of all they are special and make those who have them feel special too.

For girls

A lot of murals that I paint for girls are very pretty and sparkly and pink! But not all…. Girls know from a very early age what they like and more importantly, what they don’t like! I sit with my clients and try to really understand what makes them tick and what would work for them and the rest of the family. I love painting girls murals and am always happy to bring out the glitter when required! 

Mural ideas for girls

Some great themes for girls include:

princesses, fairies, garden, farm, jungle, space, books, games and toys, dance, sport, gaming, pop stars, animals.

For boys

Designing a mural for boys is great fun. They have such wide interests and amazing ideas on what they would like to see on their walls. Their attention to detail means that every part of the mural is important and needs careful planning and painting, but the results are usually long lasting and always much loved. 

Mural ideas for boys

Some good themes for boys are:

farm, space, cowboys, transport, dinosaurs, jungle, undersea, gaming, books, construction, sport, superheroes, books and games.


For nurseries

There a few things more exciting, more special than preparing your nursery. We believe it is the most important space you will ever decorate. Not only is this where your baby will learn to fall asleep on their own, but also where you will spend many hours with your baby; a precious time you will remember forever.

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Whether you have a large room with plenty of space, or a small box room, a mural is something that can transform the space and create a magical world that you and your baby will hold dear for many years. Designed well, a baby’s nursery will last until toddler years, and even then, can be adapted. As experienced interior designers (and Sarah #1 is a Mum of two), we can ensure that this most special of rooms is perfect for you and your family.

Girls mural gallery

"Sarah created an amazing design for my son. He is a big Oxford United fan and she did a wonderful mural for him that he can grow up with for many years. 100% recommend!"

Toya Willmot – Bucks.

"We’ve had two children’s rooms created by Sarah, absolutely brilliant, could not recommend her highly enough! Thank you Sarah, my grandchildren love their rooms."

Lesley Reynolds – Suffolk

"Very professional from start to finish! The workmanship is second to none and we will be getting you back again over the coming weeks for the next part to be done as discussed! Thanks a lot Sarah!"

Craig Young – Northants

"Sarah has now done two murals for us and I just couldn't recommend her highly enough. She is fantastic at translating my non-artistic ideas into a beautiful reality and we never stop getting compliments on her stunning work. She is also a pleasure to have around and obviously incredibly dedicated to her craft."

Charlie Girling – London

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