Educational murals for schools

Educational wall murals are an excellent way of decorating for schools. Wall art in a school can have educational, cultural, social, and psychological benefits; creating a more engaging and positive learning environment while fostering a sense of pride and community among students and staff.

Here are just some of the ways that a wall painting works for schools:

  • Promoting Creativity and Art Education: Murals provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage in artistic expression. By involving students in the creation process, schools can promote creativity and provide a hands-on learning experience.
  • Enhancing the Learning Environment: There is no better way to create visually stimulating space. Colorful and engaging murals can create a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning and inspires both students and teachers. Our murals are used daily as teaching aids.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Wall art can be used to represent the cultural diversity within the school community, helping to foster a sense of pride and inclusivity among students.
  • Community Engagement: Involving students, teachers and parents in creating a mural can be a community-building activity. It brings people together, encourages collaboration, and fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Conveying Messages or Themes: Murals can convey specific messages or themes that are important for the school community. This could include themes related to education, environmental conservation, social justice, or any other topic that the school wants to highlight.
  • Beautification and School Identity: There is no doubt that murals enhance the environment, making it more aesthetically pleasing for everyone.
Eiffel Tower mural for warehouse
  • Practical: Murals are very hard wearing and easy to maintain, both inside and out. They can be glazed to provide a surface resistant to scratches, marks and graffiti and can be touched up and added to if required.
  • Promotes sustainability: Wall murals are kinder to the environment that most printed materials such as stickers.

Primary schools

The vast majority of Charlotte Designs school murals are in primary schools. This is the perfect age to encourage children to engage with art and large scale wall painting have been shown to have a positive effect on the mental well being of children. Children of all ages can be involved in the design or painting of the mural.


Secondary schools

Art is becoming increasing squeezed as the school exam curriculum changes. Many secondary schools are finding that already stretched budgets are making it difficult to recruit the range and number of art teachers they would ideally like. Charlotte Designs works with schools to provide high quality art projects that may be difficult to do without external assistance.

More about murals in schools

Schools often have endless corridors and outside spaces where murals can be painted to great effect, breaking up the monotiny and creating fun, interesting places to be. At Charlotte Designs, we turn blank walls into interactive, educational wall murals that students, staff and Ofsted love.
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We often include the children in the design and/or painting of the murals and can paint directly onto wall or provide mural panels that can be moved around to different parts of the school.

Murals have a role to play in the education of all children, but are particularly effective with children with autism. We have clients who use murals in a variety of ways to help them educate those with cognitive issues.

been so popular.

If you need further inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards, these be of particular interest. Enjoy!

"From the second we started working with Sarah we were overjoyed with her designs, the ideas she had for us and that she shared our vision of what we want for our school! It was an incredibly ambitious project and the feedback from the staff, parents and most importantantly the children, has been amazing."

Jacob Oudegeest – Earlham Primary School, London

“Sarah came to our school and worked with children to create this beautiful mural. It certainly brightens up the hall and we couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you Sarah!"

Kim Millar – St. Georges CE Primary School, Derbyshire

“Once again, a huge THANK YOU for the amazing storyland mural you have created for us, it really has blown me away! I have made the photo my work phone background and it makes me smile every time I look at my phone."

Becky Waters – Dogsthrope Infant School, Cambs.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work. The fact that you welcomed the pupils into the library to see the murals being created, answered any questions they had and took into account their suggestions into account, was just wonderful."

Charlotte Watkins – Fitzwaryn School, Oxon

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