What will a mural do for my business?

Murals have a very positive impact on businesses in a variety of ways, depending on the business and where the mural is positioned.

    • They promote positivity in the workforce, which leads to increased productivity and an improved sense of belonging.
    • They can It can provide a release mechanism for the brain, reducing fatigue and increasing creative thinking.
    • They can educate both workers and clients on the history, geography and ethics of a business.
    • They can advertise a business through posts on social media and if positioned in the public eyeline, serve as a 24/7 promotion for the business. Visit our Business page for more information


What will a mural do for my school?

Murals serve to decorate and brighten the many areas of corridor around a school, or provide colour and interest to school playgrounds. They can incorporate the designs of the children and are hard wearing and easy to maintain. Murals are large enough for a whole class to sit in front of and learn, so provide a valuable teaching aid. They are particularly useful in teaching those with Autism. Take a look at our Schools page for more information


How much does a wall mural cost?

The cost of a piece of wall art depends on a number of things.

  • The size of the mural.
  • The surface it is to be painted on.
  • The complexity of the mural.
  • The location of the mural.

We agree a rough price before any work is carried out, to protect both parties and we work to a fixed price, so if the mural takes longer than we were expecting, you don’t have to pay any more. Our terms and conditions carry full details of this. Murals prices typically start at £65 per square metre inclusive of materials.


How can I find a mural artist near me?

Charlotte Designs can cover the whole of the UK from their bases in the Midlands and North West. In the unlikely event that we can not carry out your project cost effectively, we have access to other artists who may be able to help. Most of our work is carried out in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Hampshire, Durham, Tyne and Wear, North Yorkshire, Northumberland West Midlands and Greater London.



How do I know if I will like the mural?

Well the honest answer is of course, you don’t. BUT we do everything in our power to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Every mural is drawn up and shown to you, superimposed onto a photo of your wall (unless that isn’t possible). This is your chance, and ours, to change anything that you are not sure of. We will never be offended, this is your mural, not ours. By the time we come to actually painting your mural, you will already have a picture of what the finished wall art will look like, so there is never any surprises.



I am not sure what it is I want, can you help?

Absolutely! Some of my clients know exactly what they want and come with reference photos in hand, others? not a clue. Both scenarios are fine. I am the only mural artist I know who is also a qualified Interior Designer, so not only will your mural be beautifully painted, but it will work seamlessly with with the rest of your interior (or exterior!).



How long will it all take to get my wall art painted?

Once again, this depends on a number of things, like whether you know what you want, how busy I am and if it’s an outside mural, what the weather forecast is like! Most murals take around 6-10 weeks from initial enquiry to completion, but we have done it in less than a week before!



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