Hand painted home murals

Murals are a great way of decorating any room in the home. A cost effective and hard wearing solution, murals for the home can be subtle, bold, floral or geometric, modern or traditional. A more flexible alternative to wallpaper, they can be painted anywhere on your wall and can take up as much or as little space as you want. We can paint ceiling murals, door murals, floor murals, and even waterproof murals for your shower!

Tropical mural in an Orangery

Murals for the home

Each home mural is individual and designed especially for you, we take your ideas and translate them into stunning wall art that reflects your tastes and lifestyle. We can match to other furnishings for a completely co-ordinated look and as a trained interior designer, I will ensure that your mural not only looks great, but works with the other elements in your room and the people using the space.

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After some time out of favour, murals have in the last decade, enjoyed something of a revival. This is partly due to the amazing murals you can now see all over social media, in hotels and stately homes around the world. It’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to explore the versatility of murals in all areas of their homes. Interior wall art is a fantastic way of decorating your home and can be a bold or as subtle as you want. Unlike wallpaper, murals can cover part of a wall, ceilings, doors, even floors.

Murals for the home offer an effective solution for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and stairwells, where wallpaper is not desirable. In fact anywhere a stunning, but hard wearing finish is required, mural art can provide an answer. We can even protect murals with a completely waterproof finish making them suitable for showers.

Every wall mural is designed especially for you and painted to your exact requirements, using the colours you love.

Hand painted wallpaper

Hand painted wallpaper has been around for hundreds of years. Is does, on the face of it, seem like a huge extravagance, but it is only marginally more expensive than a high quality printed wallpaper and the flexibility is well worth it.

Hand painting walls also is a more practical and hard wearing solution, great if you have little ones. 

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 Sometimes, it is just a case of not being able to find the right pattern or colourway to fit your scheme. With hand painted wallpaper, you retain control over every element, colour, size and density of pattern, how shiny it is and how much of the wall you want covered. We can paint directly onto your walls, or supply printed wallpaper for you to hang yourself, made you your unique design and in the colours you want.

We can help you with:

  • repeating patterns
  • geometric patterns
  • growing foliage
  • Chinoisserie
  • graduaded colour, sometime called ombre
  • gloss on matt, the same colour

Why have something designed for someone else, when you can have something that matches your exact requirements. Create a totally unique wall that brings you joy, every time you look at it.

Garden murals

Murals and wall painting are not just for inside, much of our work takes place outside. Gardens and the way we use them, has changed. We are looking for our gardens to be an extension of our homes and so the notion of them being ‘decorated’ is not as alien as once it was.

It also enables you to have colour and interest all year round, without the pruning!

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Having a mural in your garden is an extremely practical way of introducing form, colour and context to your garden all year round. The recent improvements in paint technology means that exterior murals will last at least 5 -7 years, whatever direction your wall faces, although we have had murals still looking good after 10+ years.  Clients often want a view that is significant to them, trees or foliage that you don’t have to care for. Perfect for keen and non-gardeners, ensuring their gardens are a place of interest, 52 weeks of the year.

We also paint garage doors, which makes driving up to your home a joy, every time you do it. Again, scenes that have significance are a favourite for garage door murals, or why not try painting what you would like to see inside?

"Sarah engaged me at every stage, collaborating to get a perfect result. We've loved working with her and recommend her and her work absolutely to anyone wanting an individual, beautiful, creative addition to their decor."

Helen Mundy – Bucks

“I am so pleased with my wonderful ocean beach scene which Sarah painted on the garage wall. It brightens up the wall, my day and everyone that walks by and looks at it. Sarah was a true professional worked outside in very cold weather and just carried on with the painting. “

Frances Nichols – Essex

“Sarah painted us a beautiful Kenyan themed mural in our garden. It is so peaceful and will bring us joy for many years to come. The details are exquisite. I couldn’t ask for more thank you."

Hilary Plattern – Northants

"I still today cannot believe how Sarah created from scratch what was in our minds and made it more spectacular. If you are looking for an artist that can deliver what you are looking to create, have a chat with Sarah and watch the magic appear!”

Barry  Newton – Hampshire

"Sarah's work is nothing short of utterly stunning. I went through 26 quotes, combing the first several pages of multiple google searches, and am thrilled I settled on Sarah to do the work."

Nicholas Mason – Cumbria

"My husband and I were looking for a mural artist for our daughter's memorial room. Sarah turned our vision into reality, it is beyond our expectations, absolutely beautiful . This mural will bring so much comfort to us . Sarah is a really lovely lady and we can’t thank her enough!"

Sarah Haynes – Leics.

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