Wall Trends for 2019

New Year often heralds a time of change new beginnings. Who doesn’t know someone who has embarked on a diet, exercise regime or pledged a new work life balance for themselves this year. However, we don’t always look to ourselves for change, many, like myself, see it...

Creativity rules¬

There is a lot of talk about creativity at the moment, how it is taught, how it affects us and indeed a whole wave of activity around mindfulness and colouring books. Those of you that know me will know that I do get my soap box out when it comes to creativity in...

When is a free mural not a free mural?

I went to see a school recently to talk about having a mural painted. The head took me to the hall where he showed me a woodland mural that looked like it had been painted by young children, unsupervised. ‘This was painted by one of the Mums, quite a few years ago.’...

Murals for Advertising

As far back as late 19th Century Paris, when Toulouse-Lautrec was commissioned by the Moulin Rouge to design a series of posters promoting the Bohemian nightspot, art has been used to sell product. “Business Art is a much better thing to be making than Art Art”...

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