Autum tree wallpaper mural with browns, oranges and yellows

Abington Park in Northampton is a stunning park, centred around the now ruined, medieval village of Abington. Only the church remains of the old settlement and Shakespeare’s granddaughter is buried there, but one this it has in abundance, is tall, mature trees. The display these trees put on in the Autumn is quite specatular and this avenue, which would have lead up to the old manor house, provide the opportunity to see the trees at their best and draw the eye back. 

The painting is made using a palette knife, and the quality of the printing means you can see every swish of the knife, creating a real textural feast for the eyes.

Product Specifications

Maximum mural size 3000mm wide x 3000mm high

PVC free, recyclable, pre-pasted

£50 per sq.m. plus delivery