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Art is used as a therapy with very good reason. It is a simple and effective way of bringing a team together, identifying strengths within a group and giving people a fun, interactive, meaningful time together. Art is also a great leveler. It is fully inclusive and can be enjoyed by everyone, young or old. Mural art is perfect for workshops as it can incorporate many either simultaneously, or in small groups.

For companies

We work with the company to identify the desired outcomes of a project and then design an activity around that. We cater for groups between 5 and 50 and offer a wide range of activities from a couple of hours to a couple of days. With mural workshops, the activity can be carried out anywhere, including a third party premises such as a hospice or children’s home, working towards corporate social responsibility goals.

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We work with our clients to create a bespoke office interior that will create the kind of office environment that workers are looking for.

For children

Art is a great vehicle for children and young people to work together. Everyone can participate and those with particular skill can be given extra responsibilities. Whether you are a school or youth group, painting a mural together is a fun, rewarding experience that produces a lasting memory of your time together.

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There are many options available to groups who wish to include children or young people in the creation of a collaborative mural project. The best route will depend on several factors…

  • The age and ability of the children
  • The number of children to be included
  • The location and accessibility of the mural site
  • The amount of time that can be allocated to the project
  • The ultimate look required of the finished piece

 Each project should be individually assessed in conjunction with your arts practitioner to ensure the safety of the children and that the desired outcome is achieved. If you are considering a mural project, please contact our lead artist in the first instance.

Collaborative mural options

We have prepared two documents to help you organise your thoughts on delivering an art workshop. Please download the appropriate document to help you.


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