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How it all started…


Sarah, the designer

Hi, I am Sarah and I have spent the last 10 years hand painting murals directly onto the wall of homes, schools and businesses up and down the country. About a year ago, after numerous requests, I decided to look at the possibility of creating a range of wall stickers. The problem was, I didn’t like wall stickers! There, I said it…
But me being me, it got me thinking, why didn’t I like them? I sat and wrote a list.


Here are all the things that I didn’t like about the stickers options out there.
• They were shiny, when in the main, our walls are painted in matt paint, sorry, but yuk!
• They often had white lines around the edge which seemed to say to me, ‘Hey, I’m a sticker!’
• They were all very similar in design, cartoony, flat colour… nice enough, but a bit samey
• The quality was in some cases, was just not there
• And lastly, they are almost exclusively made a China, which goes against my ‘Buy British, reduce air miles’ kind of ethos
So I did some market research and found that a lot of people were thinking the same thing. These were sticker users, so they added other issues, like peeling paint off the wall very readily and damaging really easily. So armed with all this I went to visit a friend of mine.

Tracy, the printer

Tracy, the printer

Enter Tracy. I have known Tracy for years, she runs a printing company and has some whizzy machinery that prints really, really big. Between us, we have found a product that ticks all our boxes and that we can print whatever we want on. All I needed to do now, was use my 10 years of mural design experience to come up with some ideas. Ok, I have over simplified it a bit, well quite a lot, but you get the idea. Wall stickers that I don’t just like, stickers that I love! Instamural was born.

So what makes Instamural different from other wall stickers you have seen?

Countryside set with Woodland tree

Countryside set with Woodland tree

  • Each design is lovingly hand painted. Yes, that’s right! The biggest difference is that each design is hand painted using water colours, water colour pencils and pen. We then use a variety of technical jiggery pockery to get them onto the sticker paper. Of course, I now understand why stickers are usually flat colour, it is VERY complicated to get the look we have achieved. But other sticker makers don’t have a Tracy…
    • The stickers are printed onto a smooth, matt, high quality sticker paper. Getting the right paper was key. I knew I wanted the stickers to be matt and smooth and feel really lovely, but I also knew I needed them to stick well, be repositionable and not take the plaster off the wall when you needed to remove them! This paper is very high, industrial quality (if anything too good for the job!), but that means you get a beautiful product that feels right from the moment you touch it.
    • Our stickers stick. They are repositionable for a while, but once you have found it’s home, and leave them, they will stick well. This stuff is designed to be outside open to the elements, so you know it will cope.
    • Our designs go right to the edge of the sticker, this is really important because it means once they are on the wall, they look like they have been painted there. I wanted these wall stickers to be an instant mural (hence the name…), so that is exactly what they are.
    • Our stickers come with a professional backing sheet, so that they are easy to apply. Because they are printed on industrial quality paper, by industry professions, we give you the tools to put them up in a professional way. As far as we know, we are the only children’s sticker company to do that.
    • Our stickers are designed and printed in England. Tracy and I are just a few miles apart, so they are designed and developed very locally. They are actually printed in the sight of Milton Keynes’ Concrete Cows, they keep an eye on things for me…
    • They are washable. If they are designed to be put through car washes and the like, they will cope with most things your little darlings can throw at them.
    • They come in sets. This means that you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what you need and how it will all work it together, we have done that thinking for you. Now that still leaves you lots of options about how exactly to put your stickers up, the possibilities are endless, but the sets give you the confidence to know what you have will work.
    • And because of my mural experience, each one comes with lots of tips on how to personalise your mural and make it your own.
Portrait of a little boy in spectacles with white board. Isolated over white background.

Frogs are fun!

For me, giving a child a magical room that they can call their own is one of the most precious gifts you can give a child. I have seen time and time again, how that personal space makes such a difference to a child’s life and therefore ultimately, to yours.
We are launching with 3 sets, Countryside, Jungle and Seaside, with lots of new designs being added all the time. If you have some ideas about what themes you would like to see, please email sarah@instamural.com Each time we release a new design, we will send a free set of stickers to one person who suggested that design.


Happy sticking!
Sarah, the designer



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