New Year often heralds a time of change new beginnings. Who doesn’t know someone who has embarked on a diet, exercise regime or pledged a new work life balance for themselves this year. However, we don’t always look to ourselves for change, many, like myself, see it as a time to change our environments; decorate or improve our home or business space. New year, new room as it were.

For me it is a long overdue redecoration of our bedroom, and like most people, I like to see what the latest trends are, even if I chose to completely ignore them.

So I thought I would put together some of the stronger trends for 2019 and how Charlotte Designs can help you to achieve the look that you want.

  1. Natural trend continues

Strong throughout 2018, the trend for all things natural is still with us. The beautiful, earthy colours such as greens, browns and sandy yellows we have seen in the shops are going nowhere and the same goes for rustic textures and a tropical theme. Favoured materials include wood, metal and stone, textured look and house plants, lots and lots of house plants. This is embedded in the desire to go back to all things natural and use less plastic. Better for our health and better for the planet.

Marbelled StaircaseIn reality, using the real deal when it comes to stone or marble may not always be possible (nor indeed practical!) Charlotte Designs can create faux wood, marble and a full range of metallic finishes, perfect for when the real thing doesn’t suit your project, or your wallet. It provides a more hard wearing, cost effective alternative to wallpaper and no pattern repeat!

If like me, you are apt to reduce the life of house plants considerable, you might want to consider painting your favourite foliage in a corner of the room. Large scale painted foliage or flowers are still very popular, they can wind around architectural features and bring a dead space to life. Look out for my latest tropical feeling room around the beginning of February.

Tropical mural

  1. Accent ceilings

We are all aware of the feature wall, a trend that has been around for a while now, but now our attention is moving upwards. Far too often,  the forgotten space, the ceiling is making a very welcome come back. Turning your ceiling into a talking point not only provides a sense of fun and adventure, it keeps walls clear and adds interest without visually encumbering the space. From painted skies, a homage to your favourite artist or just a beautiful scene, your ceiling could become your new favourite thing to look at.

House of Feasts Ceiling

Here are just a couple of my favourite ceilings that I have either painted or seen.Sunset sky ceiling mural





  1. Personalisation

I have been seeing this trend develop over the last 5 years, but it is set to really take off in 2019. Gone are the days when we put up with something that isn’t quite right, something that was designed for someone else (or indeed no one in particular!), we want something that is meaning full to us, that enhances our world and connects on multiple levels. Having something designed especially for you is more achievable than people think and the results will make you smile uncontrollably! Whether you are decorating a home or a office, working with a designer to have something unique to you, your tastes, history or location; is a special and satisfying experience.

At Charlotte Designs, we make the process easy, fun and ensure that you get exactly the results you want. We are able to provide detailed drawings and show them to you on the walls you want painting, so you can get a real feel for what the finished room with look like.

Ultimately, I believe you should decorate for you, no matter what the latest trends are. I hope you have fun transforming your living and working environments this year, and remember that at Charlotte Designs, we don’t charge for a chat. If you want to talk through your ideas, however weird and whacky they may be, we are here to help. Actually, as far as I am concerned,  the weirder and whackier the better.