Murals are a fantastic decorating solution for anywhere in the home, but nowhere are they more practical than in a bathroom. Over the years, the bathroom has turned into very functional space, often tiled from floor to ceiling, meaning the bathroom wall mural has all but disappeared. It also means that unless you are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous mosaic in your bathroom, they are aesthetically very dull.
Yet we spend a surprisingly large amount of time in the bathroom (78 hours per year on the toilet alone, without showering, bathing or anything else…) so it makes sense for the bathroom to be a place where you can feel relaxed and happy. It also an intimate space, well let’s face it, only you and your guests get to see it and what you do there is, in the main rather …personal. It is therefore a room where you can indulge your fantasies and go a little wild, so it is not surprising that I have seen some interesting treatments for bathroom walls over the years.

Super_hero_bathroom_muralAnything that is varnished will be as easy to clean as tiles and offer water protection, which is why murals work so well. This Superhero bathroom mural would work equally well in a family home or a bachelor pad. The bright colours work well with a white suite and tiles and it feels very clean and fresh.


Clouded_Bathroom_CeilingOn a very different theme, imagine lying in the bath and looking up at this beautiful muralled ceiling. Clouded ceilings are great in any room, but there is something particularly relaxing about looking up at this by candlelight.



Mens_Public_toilet_muralThis is one of my all time favourite murals, it is in the male toilets in a pub and would be a real talking point.
Whether you are decorating a public toilet area in a pub or restaurant or your en-suite at home, murals are a great way of ensuring the smallest room makes a big splash (that is still easy to mop up!).

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