Time for You Case Study

ime for You are a national franchised cleaning company offering domestic and commercial cleaning. The Northants franchise has been owned by two dynamic ladies for 11 years and together they have built up an enviable reputation for offering a quality service. They are excellent marketeers and use social media extensively to promote their services. They also have an office in Northampton with lots of signage.

The office has been going through a revamp and initially, Time for You contacted Charlotte Designs to repaint the tired facia above the offices. However, there is a small area of wall next to the door which the ladies wondered if they could utilise to promote their business, but didn’t really have a clue how. Sarah looked at all of their branding and most uses the two owners ‘cleaning’ in some way. So it made sence to do the same and this modern, ‘Banksy’ style mural was designed to suit the area. The mural shows what the company does and reflects the fun side of the owners,  it is also very striking being just black and white with just some spot colour.

So how has the mural been received? “How much do we love our new mural…….well the answer is lots!!!” says owner Ann Brebner and it is astounding how well and how quickly it has worked for them too.

Time for You Northampton owners with their advertising mural

Time for You Northampton owners with their mural

“ We have been here 11 years and since we have had the mural, people have been walking in saying oh are you new here or are you cleaners? It is amazing! 5 new customers in the first month alone.”

Using the walls you already have to promote your business is still unusual in the UK unlike the USA or mainland Europe, but theses ladies have proved just how effective it can be.