DIY Mural Tutorials


Chalkboard mural

The first in our series of DIY murals is a chalkboard mural. This is a great way of decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom. It can take up part of a wall, or just part of it, it gives both you and your children space to explore your creativity and is simple and cheap to do.

Printable downloads

Flower vase

World map

Sun icon

Picture frame

Light bulbs

Flower border


Geometric mural

Our second DIY mural is a simple but very effective geometeric mural design that can be tailored to match your furnishings and the paints you have available. We also teach you how to turn it into a Mondrian style mural.


Cloud mural

The next in our series of DIY murals is a cloud mural. Great for walls and ceilings and give you a beautiful sunny day to look at all year round. You can even use them as a background for other things such as birds, planes and kites.


Mountain mural

If you are trapped in lockdown lethargy and are looking for inspiration on how to make your home a nicer place to be, try our simple DIY mountain mural. In less than a day, you could have a feature wall to be proud of.

Printable downloads

steep mountains

print out and follow the instructions below to use

gentle mountains

print out and follow the instructions below to use


Woodland tree mural

If you have ever wanted to live in the forest, now is your chance. This beautiful woodland mural is surprisingly simple to do and uses just one or two paint colours.

Printable downloads

tree template

print out and follow the instructions below to use

Using the printables

Print out the design you like and measure how big you want it on your wall.

Divide the desired width by the actual width on the printout. ie. If you want your frame 45cm wide and the printout is 15cm wide, 3 is your magic number

Measure the size of the grid squares on your printout, multiple it by your magic number and draw squares on your wall that size. ie. If the squares on your print out are 2cm, and your magic number is 3, you need to draw the grid on your wall 6cm wide.

Using the squares as your guide, draw out the design on your wall and it will be the size you want it.

NB. Use a plumb bob or spirit level to make sure your grid is level and sketch in pencil. Go over your design in pen or paint and once that is dry, you can remove the pencil grid with a damp cloth

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