domestic mural

Vintage Bentley Garage Door

august 2023

My clients have a lovely 1930s house and a love of vintage cars. So they decided to cheer up their home with a painting of their perfect car on the front of their garage door, so they could at least pretend that they had the car of their dreams. Because of the age and style of the house, I decided to paint the car in the style of the vintage posters that advertised cars at that time, and as my client is registered blind, we wanted to ensure that there was plenty of contrast in the mural so that she could see it well enough.

The other consideration was that her mother had sadly passed away recently and so she asked me to add her initials and year of birth as the numberplate of the car.

Vintage Bentley Garage door

“Sarah had the knowledge, expertise and imagination to make it far more fun than we would have even hoped. We are absolutely thrilled with it!” said owner Carol Richardson. And to be honest, I was thrilled to paint it!

Thai restaurant wall before the mural


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