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Undersea cloakroom

March 2023

With my interior design hat on, a cloakroom or bathroom is the perfect room in the house to have a bit of fun with murals in. It’s a small space, so relatively inexpensive, it’s a transitory space, in that you are not in there for long periods of time (we hope!) and because it is a room that visitors see, it is a talking point.

My clients had moved into their new build a couple of years previously, and had lived with their magnolia walls too long, they needed some colour and plaster now properly cured, they had the opportunity to have a bit of fun. They also have three young daughters, so something that appealed to them was also a consideration. So I created a simple underwater scene for them on two walls, complete with brightly coloured corals, fish and a turtle. Rather than make the space feel smaller, as was feared, it has opened out the space and made it feel large and more airy.


Undersea bathroom mural with turtle in Ely
Undersea cloakroom before mural is painted


The mural is busy enough, but not too full. It give a sense of being underwater, without being too busy. “We are absolutely loving our stunning mural! The girls are spending a lot of time in the toilet! ” said Mum Sam, and she is already looking at further parts of their home they can improve.  

If you have a small room that you would like to have a bit of fun with, drop me a line.


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