domestic mural

twin girls’ bedrooms


My client is undertaking a huge amount of building work on their house due to subsidence and it has disrupted the whole family. Her twin 9 year olds have had to put up with a great deal of disturbance and so Mum decided that when they eventually got to move back into their bedrooms, they would be beautiful.

The girls are very different, with very different tastes and very different shaped rooms, so Sarah set about coming up with ideas for their space and jungle themed rooms. Mum was keen for the space room not to be too dark, so we made the view from the moon, so that the bottom section could be a pale, cratered grey. We then ensured that the planets were kept light and bright and of course, added a bright yellow sun. The overall effect is still very spacey, without being oppressive.

The jungle room had to include a gorilla, a waterfall and a toucan. We even included a favourite soft toy hiding behind the tree.

Both murals are available to watch being created on our YouTube channel.

I was ably assisted on this project by Maddie, a year 10 student from one of the local secondary schools. Charlotte Designs has been supporting students with work experience opportunities for over 10 years.


The Outcome

Two very happy young ladies and one very happy Mum. “The murals are admired by all visitors and the girls absolutely love them.”

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