commercial mural

thai restaurant

july 2023

Setting your restaurant apart from the competition is a constant concern for restaurant owners. Current thinking is that the ambience not only enhances the dining experience, but can be a reason for people to come and of course, continue to patronise a certain establishment.

My client is very well practised at this and as he prepared to open his third restaurant, I have murals in both the other two. This time, he asked me to transform his entrance with detailed paintings of Thai temples. These turn what was a very ordinary bar into a rich and atmospheric area, that packs a real golden punch. The murals are very much my client and how he sees his branding and the staff and customer who came in whilst I was painting, were very much in agreement.


Emerald temple mural in a Thai restaurant
Thai restaurant mural with artist Sarah Hodgkins
Thai restaurant wall before the mural


childrens hospital jungle mural with giraffe

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