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St. KAtherine’s Gardens community project

May 2023

St. Katherine’s Gardens is a small community park on the edge of Northampton town centre. It’s location means it is a meeting ground for certain sections of society, who have for many years, subject the park to graffiti and vandalism. The neighbouring Park Hotel and the Town Council wanted to turn the area into a more pleasant place to spend time, and hopefully, keep the graffitists away. Funds were secured through Northampton Bid and a plan was hatched to introduce more lighting, flower beds and of course, a mural on the graffiti artists preferred canvas, a particularly ugly concrete wall backing onto the hotel.

The Council plugged into the ‘Big Help Out’ as part of King Charles’ coronation, and secured volunteers from neighbouring businesses to help with the planting. They asked Charlotte Designs to come up with a mural design that would incorporate flowers, and a poem, but be simple enough for local students to help paint.


St Katherines gardens Northampton mural

The Outcome

The wall was painted blue the day before the mural was to be painted, and had already been graffitied by the next day. I was joined by students from Northampton College and The University of Northampton over the 2 days painting and they were responsible for painting many of the flowers in the mural, whilst I painted the poem.

” We close Sarah to deliver the project as she shared our understanding of the required piece, had a body of quality previous works and was flexible in being able to work with our volunteers.” said Mark Mullen of Northampton Bid. The project was delivered on time and to budget despite the many variables. “It exceeds all expectations. The project was a beyond a job and benefited from Sarah’s flare, passion and commitment. Fantastic service, a wall that we are all so pleased and proud off, thank you.”

The big one for me is that I write this 7 weeks later and the wall is still graffiti free.

St Katherines gardens wall before the mural painting


Joseph clough mural bedford bus station with artist sarah hodgkins
St Katherines gardens Northampton volunteer painting
St Katherines gardens Northampton mural volunteer painting

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