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Tolkien mural

February 2023

My client had purchased his first home and wanted and make a real statement in his main living area. As a life long Tolkien fan, he didn’t have to think too hard about the theme for his mural. I too am a Tolkien fan, ever since I read The Hobbit as a child and so to say I was excited about this project was an understatement. 

The original idea was a scene in Mirkwood, and I presented a drawing of this for consideration. However, when I spoke to my client about his ideas, I realised that the idea of looking out to make the space seem larger, was also an important consideration. So working on this concept, I presented a cave design, which gave us the option of making the lower and right hand parts of the wall, which would be obscured by furniture, less detailed and the notion of sitting inside, looking out, was reinforced. My client liked the idea, but felt my initial design wasn’t quite to his tastes, so we swapped the landscape for a view of The Lonely Mountain, Lake Town on Fire and of course the lake. To this we were able to add Smaug, flying off into the distance and some warmer sunset colours, to echo the furnishings ordered for the room. My client continued to add to the mural throughout the painting process, the boats and the raven were all added once painting had commenced.


Tolkien inspired mural

The Outcome

My client continued to add details right to the end, including fungi in the cave and the significant markings on the right hand character’s shield. “Sarah was a joy to work with and I am super chuffed with the end result. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” I try not to have favourite murals, as they are all important to me, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.

Before Tolkien mural


Sarah Hodgkins painting
Gollum detail from Tolkien mural

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