commercial mural

Meeting and ceremony room

March 2023

Furtho Manor Farm is a beautiful, rural setting with a number of business interests. They have a range of workshops and offices for rent, a thriving bed and breakfast and an events business. The farm benefits from a dovecote and a tiny church, now licensed for wedding ceremonies, and this coupled with the stunning lakeside setting, makes it a perfect choice for weddings and celebrations.

Furtho East is the large meeting room, and is used for everything from yoga classes to wedding ceremonies. Owner Linda was concerned that it was a bit flat, a bit corporate and didn’t reflect the surrounding countryside, so she asked me to look at creating a mural at one end, the end used for marriage ceremonies. 

There was a lot to take into consideration, this would be the background of hundreds of wedding photos, so this had a bearing on the colours used (nothing too distracting) as well as the content. No one wants a tree sticking up out of their head on their wedding photos. We decided to use the surroundings as the inspiration for our mural, not least because in inclement weather, weddings sometimes have to be moved from outside, to this very room. Luckily, even though these initial discussions took place in winter, as a local, I had a number of photos of the area taken on numerous runs over the years, and I was able to use these as the basis for the design. 



Landscape mural at Furtho East Milton Keynes

The Outcome

As always, it’s a privilege to be involved in a mural that will play a role in so many lives. Working with Linda, who knows her business extremely well, was fun and easy. “The whole process from start to finish has been so smooth.” Linda shared on Facebook.  “Sarah chatted through ideas for the wall and the finished painting just looks wonderful. I have already had great feedback from customers, who think the space now looks bigger.”

It’s been wonderful to see photos on Instagram showing the mural ‘in action’ and thanks to Linda for allowing me to share a couple here. “I have had lots of lovely comments about the mural.” she shared with me recently and hopefully that will continue.

Furtho East ceremony room with mural set up for a wedding
Furtho east ceremony room with mural set up for a party

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