Healthcare mural

Speech and language therapy reception

june 2023

The speech and language therapy department reception at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s hospital is right the centre of the building. It has no natural light and has dark purple seating. The overall feeling was dark to be honest quite ominous, not particularly child friendly at all. The department lead had seen my work at Parkside clinic and asked me to come up with some ideas for the area, that would brighten the space, make it feel larger and provide some entertainment for the children visiting.

The staff identified a jungle theme as their preference and as we started to design, my client asked if we could consider the names of the animals included, to assist with the sounds that children routinely find difficult.

childrens hospital jungle themed mural with panda
childrens hospital jungle mural with leopard sloth and lemur

The Outcome

When asked why thy had chosen Charlotte Designs, ” We needed someone who wasn’t just a talented artist, but who could listen to and develop ideas from our remit. As well as providing a calming environment and creating interest, one of the intentions behind the mural, was for the design to not only stimulate conversation but through the chosen images, to provide opportunity for the speech and language therapists to carry out an informal speech assessment.” said Department lead Angela Watson. “Children aren’t always as talkative once they get into the smaller meeting rooms.”

The mural has been a resounding success as is as popular with the staff as it is with the children. “It far exceeds our expectations, it’s a showstopper!” added Angela.

The mural was finished with 2 coats of Coo-Var’s anti-bacterial glaze, which will protect it against little hands. This was applied by the hospital’s own staff and therefore not an added expense.

Before Tolkien mural


childrens hospital jungle mural with giraffe
childrens hospital jungle mural withe parrot

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