I was out for my usual Sunday morning run yesterday, in the snow (yes I know, I am mad, but I actually quite like running in the snow). It was so pretty with the snow floating down, that I stopped to take a couple of photos and as the huge flakes floated down, I stuck out my tongue and tried to catch one. I know! a 51 year old woman, standing there catching snow on her tongue, as aforementioned, crackers. But isn’t it one of life’s simple pleasures, that we don’t get to do that often in this country? However old we are, there is a child inside us all that loves any excuse to bubble to the surface. And let’s face it, in these rather unpredictable times, I would argue that connecting with our inner child is a good thing, if not essential for our sanity!
So how does this relate to murals? Well I believe that we are all attracted to situations that make us feel safe and secure again and for many people, this will be memories of our childhood. Think how some of the most popular children’s books have huge adult followings, Winnie the Pooh or Harry Potter; Whether it’s swinging on a swing, jumping on a trampoline or singing along to Frozen, there is something inherently nostalgic and strangely comforting about reverting to being a kid again.

Wine bar murals and trompe l’oeil

Murals are all about making the onlooker go WOW! (the most used word I hear on completing my paintings). They create a fantasy, transport people to another place, time or even dimension, and in a way that is big enough to get lost in, or at least sit down and have something to eat and drink in. Everywhere has walls, and most are not doing anything more interesting than holding up the ceiling, so why not use them to create something special, unique to you? The idea of walking into the inside of a tree or a medieval great hall, or even another planet with aliens, doesn’t just appeal to kids.

Hogwarts Great Hall mural for bar

The hospitality sector is a growing one for me, designers love that they can have anything they want painted onto walls any size and the owners love that they create a memorable space that is easy to maintain. And whilst you might not want to appeal to children appealing the child inside every adult is smart marketing, and will keep customers coming back. Every Charlotte Designs mural is designed to our client’s exact specifications and painted to the highest standard, on time and to budget. I haven’t won the Houzz Customer service award twice in the last 2 years for nothing…
If you would like to turn your walls into your most valuable asset, why not drop me a line and have a chat, all advice is completely free of charge. Ceilings, floors and doors are also available!