I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the most viewed board on my Pinterest this week, and last week for that matter, is the murals for gardens board. We are all spending more time at home these days and due to the sunny weather we have been enjoying, are spending more time in our gardens too. It was also the first location that I was able to safely go and paint after lockdown, so it stands to reason that garden art is high on my agenda at the moment.


So why on earth would you want a mural in your garden? Well, there are lots of reasons. Usually, there is just a wall or fence that is, well, a bit boring. Perhaps it isn’t adding anything to the overall feel of the garden, perhaps it is in full view of your window and you are fed up with looking at breeze block whilst you are washing up; maybe lockdown has taught you that you are no Alan Titchmarsh (or Charlie Dimmock) and so introducing some colour and form into your garden that doesn’t need pruning or weeding, is suddenly very appealing. We have had clients who can’t move to a new house for whatever reason and so choose to recreate a view that they would like to see, to bring them joy. Whatever the reason, transforming a corner of your garden into something more colourful couldn’t be easier.


At Charlotte Designs we can paint in just about any paint and on just about any surface, so it doesn’t matter if you have a breeze block, brick or rendered wall, a wooden fence or shed or even a metal box. So long as we know what we are painting on, we can use the correct paints for your project. Exterior murals are very cost effective, you can keep costs down by preparing the surface yourself, with our guidance, then sit back with a gin and tonic and watch us paint. All our designs are agreed before we turn up on site, we can even show them to you in situ before we start, that way we can just crack on and keep our time on site to a minimum. There is the opportunity to make small changes, as we go along, but generally what you have OKed on your computer screen, is what you will see.


With pubs and restaurants faced with the prospect of opening up whilst still observing social distancing, the outside space of these businesses becomes much more important. We are seeing an increase in the number of pubs that want to create an extension of their interior outside, to enable them to accommodate more customers. We are forecasting a significant increase in the number of venues who will want to make their outside space special and that is exactly the sort of project where Charlotte Designs excels.

If you have a shady nook or a sunny shed that needs uplifting, or a garden that is going to be crucial to your business, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you