In this world of technology, mass produced plastic, throw away ‘stuff’, why would we want to spend our hard earned cash on something unique for our children? Something that a real person has thought about and designed and produced with love and care. Something that they themselves are proud of….

It is a question I ask myself regularly and I am sure my clients often do the same. Well actually, research shows there are a number of very good reasons why, here are my favourites.

  1. They get up close and personal. Only original art offers kids a tactile experience with the paint strokes, and small imperfections that make it beautiful. These days, kids see most things on screens, ‘cartoon perfect’. This is not realistic, so seeing something real, man (or woman!) made is important and instills the notion that not all things are made by robot.
    Illustration style mural with houses

    Illustration style mural with houses

  2. They get to meet the artist. Face to face contact with an artist helps kids make the important connection between the work and the person who crafted it. I like to meet the children I paint for and talk to them about what they want they like and want to see. I see it as an important part of my work. Children are very creative naturally and always have great ideas.
  3. Early exposure to art is an important part of a child’s development. Studies show that children who are exposed to art early, begin to develop vital neurological connections that will help them in both left brain and right brain activities. Children as young as two will start to build personal preferences and “favorite” colors and styles, if exposed to art regularly.
  4. They can admire how a work of art is made. Original art comes with an original process. Watching a painter demonstrate how your child’s art is made, is an invaluable experience for you both.
  5. They’ll aspire to be artists. Professional art in a child’s bedroom keeps the idea alive of an artist as possible vocation or future hobby.
  6. They’ll remember they already are artists. Hanging original work next to your child’s work is a gesture that celebrates their creative talents- good enough to be “professional!” Far from making a child unsure about their creative ability, it has the opposite effect, inspiring them to create more.


    Girls underwater mural with dolphins

  7. Art creates an environment that inspires creativity and play. Original art will create opportunities to make up stories, play imaginative games and create art and crafts of their own. A TV or Xbox in their room will more likely have the opposite effect.
  8. Buying original art creates a memoryYour child will treasure the experience of creating the art for their room. I know adults that never let their parents paint over the murals they had as children and still remember them with affection in adulthood.
  9. Original art inspires kids to look up from TV (and iPad and cell phone) screens. This alone is a reason to paint a mural in a child’s room. There is NOTHING I have found that makes the onlooker look up and absorb like a mural, however old they are.
  10. They’ll learn the value of handmade work. Kids hardly ever see where a product comes from. Original art communicates the time and love that go into each piece and celebrates what is important and personal to them. Graffiti style bedroom mural with skull
  11. Something designed for them will last. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, most children, offered a choice of things in a catalogue, will pick their favourite. The alternative is probably nothing at all! But invariably, it will not be EXACTLY what they want. To have something personal designed for them, however quirky or unusual will mean they are emotionally attached to it. It becomes part of them…and that, right there, is the reason once children have a mural, they rarely want it change

Having a mural commissioned is not as expensive as you might think. Much of our children’s work is less than £500. A small price for a lifetime of happy memories and something that doesn’t require plugging in or charging.