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tuscan themed kitchen mural

February 2024
My clients moved into their beautiful home in Oxfordshire in July 2023. They have a large, dominant wall that overlooks their kitchen where they spend a lot of time. The decided early on that they wanted an Italian themed mural and looked initially at wallpaper options, to achieve that. Unable to get the customer service they wanted, they contacted me at the end of 2023 to see if there was a possibility of getting the wall hand painted instead.

As is often the way, once clients realise that they have more control over the content and colours with a hand painted mural, the project started to develop. We quickly went from a similar scene to the original wallpaper to something quite different. It was decided to add a trompe-l’oeil element to give the impression of sitting on a balcony looking out over the Italian countryside, which became a vineyard. My clients were very loose in their brief and the mural evolved organically as we went along, the outcome is all the more richer for it. We none of us know exactly what it would look like until it was done and that added a very enjoyable element of excitement to this whole project.

The colours are wonderfully calming, the balcony at an angle to offset the series of perpendicular lines. The tiles on the balcony were painted to look like an extension of the tiles on the kitchen floor and fine details were added to make the mural personal to the couple commissioning it.

Tuscan mural on a kitchen wall
And the final thoughts of my clients Jeremy and Lesley, “It can be a leap of faith deciding to do a large mural, especially in your main living space. But Sarah listened and suggested creative ideas which gave us confidence. Sarah’s artwork and colour choices are excellent. And she was happy to rework areas we wanted to change, subject to the time we’d allowed. The result is more than we could have hoped for. We’re thrilled!” As indeed am I.

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