commercial mural

Tokyo skyline mural

december 2023

This was a bit of a cry for help project. My client phoned whilst I was on my way back from holiday to say they had been let down by another artist and that they needed someone to help finish a large Tokyo skyline themed mural in preparation for Putt Putt Social opening in Bedford.  So, as it was local to me, I was able to help out.

There were some tight deadlines both from the client and because I only had a very limited amount of days available, so I had to work very hard to transform what had already been painted, into something that resembled the Tokyo skyline. In a perfect world, I would have painted over what had already been done and started again, but time didn’t allow for this.  It’s always tricky to pick up on someone else’s work, particularly when you don’t really know what they had planned and they clearly weren’t comfortable with the subject. Luckily, I was able to use some of what had been painted to create a  coherent and colourful skyline. In addition, I added a sushi bar in the foreground which was branded with the client’s logo and I was able to create one section of the mural from scratch and feed that seamlessly into the other section.

I won’t pretend that this was easy, but I was very pleased with the result, as were my clients. I had the art director and company manager compliment me on how well the final mural turned out. Just under 60sq.m of Tokyo skyline, from a series of coloured blobs!

Tokyo skyline mural in Bedford
Toyko skyline mural in Bedford

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