school mural

ARK blacklands school hall

december 2023

Ark Blacklands school in Hastings  has a large school hall that is used for assemblies, dining and sport. The head wanted to make a statement and use the awkward piece of wall below the high windows to reinforce the school’s motto and bring colour and meaning to the area.

I worked with the head and her staff to incorporate a series of ideas that included the sea, an important part of Hastings’ identity, the school motto and the fishing boats, peculiar to the Hastings area. We also wanted to include some sea creatures and liked the idea of bringing in books, to signify learning into the design. We came up with the idea of having seagulls that turned books as they flew into the distance, symbolising learning giving wings to the children. We painted it in a simple colour palette, that worked with their school colours.

The finished piece is both meaningful and impactful. It is child-friendly without being childish and creates a much needed focal point in this large space.

Head Natalie Rankin was delighted with the outcome and I am currently working with a sister school in Hastings, to create a version of this for their hall.

sea mural for school hall
Muralist Sarah Hodgkins painting school mural
Thai restaurant wall before the mural


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