Faux Finishes and Specialist Finishes

Paint is a highly versable medium and I love that I can produce such a wide range of finishes with it. Whilst we all love the real thing, solid marble, granite, wood, brick or stonework may not always be practical, or affordable! I can create the look that you want, in the colour you require quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Many of my finishes are eco-friendly ISO14001 certified, with LEED certificates and can be specified for exteriors, interiors, wet rooms or feature walls. As there are literally thousands of possibilities, I will create a sample board for you. I can usually provide an estimate with minimal details such as wall size and location and the type of finish required. Contact me for an estimate. sarah@charlottedesigns.co.uk


I can produce:

  • Venetian Polished Plaster
  • Marmorino
  • Metallic, pearlescent and irridescent finishes
  • Polished concrete finish
  • Faux granite and marble
  • Woodgraining.
Metallic finish sample boards
Metallic finishes

Trompe l’oeil

Meaning literally to ‘deceive the eye’, trompe l’oeil is the art of making you think you are looking at something you are not. Most often, this means painting a view through an archway or window, but it can be a person, or animal or architectural feature that is simply painted on. it is a great way of making a real tlking point in a room or making a room seem larger or a different shape. In conjunction with faux finishes, trompel’oeil can completely transform a space and make you think you are somewhere else completely.

Hogwarts castle mural with dementor