Murals for schools – a great way of dealing with dull walls.

Nothing has quite the impact of a well thought out education school mural. Using large scale images has been an educational tool for many years as it marries fun and information in a compelling, visual way. Murals provide a way of celebrating the location, history or a special even or anniversary for your school, they also provide a lasting legacy for year 6 pupils leaving.

Schools often have endless corridors and outside spaces where murals can be painted to great effect, breaking up the monotiny and creating fun, interesting places to be. At Charlotte Designs, we turn blank walls into interactive, educational wall murals that students, staff and Ofsted love. We often include the children in the design and/or painting of the murals and can paint directly onto wall or provide mural panels that can be moved around to different parts of the school.

Murals have a role to play in the education of all children, but are particularly effective with children with autism. We have clients who use murals in a variety of ways to help them educate those with cognitive issues. For some great ideas check out our Pinterest page for library mural ideas and playground mural ideas.