Well, any image reproducted on a grand scale will be a talking point, something that is remembered, and therein lies the secret of their success. Unlike a canvas that be stolen, knocked or damaged, a wall mural is a lasting image that becomes part of it’s surroundings. Unlike wallpaper, they can be painted outside as well as in, and can cover as much or as little of a wall as required; meandering through architectural features or highlighting points of interest. Unlike stickers or decals, they are unique to the space they occupy, telling others about the company or person that commissioned it. They are designed for you, not someone else….

Murals have the unique ability to educate, entertain, inform or amaze their audience. Unlike any other form of decoration, each one is personal to those that commissioned and love it.

Murals for Children

A kids mural can be tricky to get right, especially if you are not sure what you are doing! The wrong colours or ‘scary fairies’ can mean sleepless nights rather than peaceful ones! Creating a personal space for your child is one of those most precious gifts you can give a child. It can help them to feel safe and secure in their own room, great if you have just moved, or if you have just had some major changes in your family; or help to solve sleep problems by creating the right feel for a child who is struggling to settle, we have had enormous success in this area. All our wall murals are hand painted in emulsion paint directly onto the wall. This means relatively little preparation for you and most importantly, a hard wearing finish that will take the hardest of knocks. However, what makes wall murals special is that each one is designed especially for the child, it means something to them and as a result they love them, and never want them changed! (more’s the pity for me!).  Finally, kids murals last. Perhaps in contrast to what many people think, children who have murals painted almost never want them painted over. I know of people in their 20’s who still want to keep their murals, long after they have left home!

Kids murals can be funny, informative, bold or subtle, they can bring groups of people together and make the onlooker marvel. Most of all they are special and make those who have them feel special too. What do your walls want to say?

If you would like to find out more about the effects or murals on children, read on…