About Charlotte Designs

Charlotte Designs was started by artist and interior designer Sarah Hodgkins in 2005, that’s me by the way…Unimpressed with the options for decorating my own children’s rooms, I decided to use my years of design experience to come up with something that would feed their imaginations and be something they could remember.

Sarah Hodgkins painting in a demential unit
Painting in a care home 2014
Family picture
Eating ice cream in Florence

Back in the 80’s (yes, I really am that old!), I was ragging, dragging, stencilling and woodgraining and this is where I first started to design and paint murals. However it wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realised the potential of murals, especially for children. I started Charlotte Designs in 2005 to concentrate on making kids spaces fun places to be and I still believe passionately that a beautiful space they can call their own, is the most precious gift you can give a child. However, over the years, I have also realised the power of murals and the effect they have on everyone, old and young. I am now proud to be able to offer others the chance to explore and realise their potential through art and painting.

Having lived all over, I am now back in Northamptonshire, with my husband, two children and mad, fluffy dog. When I am not painting, I am running or playing the piano. I also like a pub quiz, love watching rugby, tennis and athletics, spending time with my friends and family and am a complete history nut! I can also plough a half reasonable field, not very useful in this job, but that’s what being a farmer’s daughter does to you…