The size and practical nature of murals makes them an ideal choice for decorating care homes, but they are particularly effective when it come to decorating for those with dementia. Some symptoms that those suffering from demential can experience, are often reduced or in some cases eliminated by the careful introduction of murals within the living environment. Some benefits include:

  • Reduction in stress and agression
  • Reduction in getting lost
  • Reduction of accidents due to not being able to find the bathroom
  • Increased use of communal areas
  • Increased socialbility
  • Increased enjoyment by visitors
  • Increased job satisfaction by caring staff
  • Murals are easy to care for and wipe clean
  • Pictures can not be taken off the wall and damaged

Murals can be introduced in key areas and then added to over time to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, my customers report that residents enjoy seeing the art work appear and I try wherever possible to interact with the residents and include their wants into the finished schemes.

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