There are good reasons why some of the worlds leading companies choose  business murals in their office design. When we think of office murals, we think of the likes of Google, Hootsuite, Facebook and; forward thinking businesses that people want to work for.

Business murals serve two primary functions in office spaces.

  1. A sense of fun and belonging is cited at the second most important consideration in an office environment (after natural light). It increases productivity by 16% and job satisfaction by 24%…impressive! A modern office will help you attract and retain staff as well as reduce absenteeism. Murals are highly customisable and therefore a great way of educating your workforce and customers on the company history or ethics. In short they create the kind of cool office space that everyone wants to work in. For ideas on how to create a funky office, take a look at our Pinterest page.
  2. Murals are a great way of advertising your business. They are low cost, highly customisable and unlike many forms of marketing, are on view 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; regardless of whether you offices are open or not. Murals are used by the world’s leading brands are part of their marketing strategy. What could your walls be doing for you?

Every business mural is designed specifically for our clients, using logos, colours and business imagery that is relevant to that business. If would like to have a chat about how murals can help your business to thrive, call Sarah on 07771 782031.

We have clients that introduced murals and saw a return on their investment in just a few weeks. See how advertising murals helped this cleaning company thrive.