Creativity rules¬

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Murals at infant school peterborough

There is a lot of talk about creativity at the moment, how it is taught, how it affects us and indeed a whole wave of activity around mindfulness and colouring books. Those of you that know me will know that I do get my soap box out when it comes to creativity in schools, but […] Read more…

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When it comes to commercial wall art, is Paint or Print the best?

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Mountain mural on the ceiling of House of Feasts restaurant

There is a good reason why many of the worlds most influential companies are employing murals in their interiors. Never before has ambience been so important, with the increasing trend for posting photographs of everything and anything, suddenly how where we work/eat/drink/live looks, is of the utmost concern. There are even lists of the most […] Read more…

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8 Steps to writing a good brief

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Back in March, I wrote a blog about how we might be shopping in the future. How advances in technology will enable us to buy exactly what we want, rather than choose the closest fit from a predesigned range. In short we will, far more often, be able to buy something that was designed for […] Read more…

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Creating a Magical Room for your Child

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Can you believe it is November, how did that happen? Once again I find myself in the throws of the usual round of children’s room murals as Christmas gifts. It is where Charlotte Designs started and I still love working with families to help them create the perfect environment for their child.  A child’s room […] Read more…

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Murals make you happy

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Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in Marrakesh by the pool, watching one of the guys in the animation team round up  volunteers for water polo. I had been watching him do this every day for almost two weeks and done yoga with him every morning and he is without question the happiest person, […] Read more…

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Murals for Advertising

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Time for You Northampton owners with their advertising mural

As far back as late 19th Century Paris, when Toulouse-Lautrec was commissioned by the Moulin Rouge to design a series of posters promoting the Bohemian nightspot, art has been used to sell product. “Business Art is a much better thing to be making than Art Art” according to Andy Warhol, who first made his mark […] Read more…


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